Shin-Fei Chen & Yennis Cheung


Represented by

Andrew Mills

Yennis Cheung & Shin-Fei Chen created CHINESE BURN, the first Chinese female-led comedy TV show in the UK for the BBC and produced by Roughcut TV. It reached #7 on BBC iPlayer a day after going online and was nominated for Edinburgh TV Festival’s Debbies - Debut Writer. Chinese Burn garnered numerous press in the UK and China (The Guardian: “British TV is not exactly overrun with shows boasting three-dimensional East Asian female, let alone three, which makes Chinese Burn feel not just funny, but important.” Broadcast Magazine: “Some of the future entertainment hits will surely come from the wave of new talent BBC3 has nurtured, such as Chinese Burn’s Yennis Cheung and Shin-Fei Chen.”) Their dark comedy pilot, SELMA & CLARICE, has to date won 6 awards, including Best Female Scriptwriter and Best TV Pilot at the Toronto International Women Film Festival, and Best TV Pilot at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival. Current projects include a drama with All3Media, a comedy with Roughcut, and a children’s TV series with Saffron Cherry / CBBC.

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