Shin-Fei Chen & Yennis Cheung


Represented by

Andrew Mills

Yennis Cheung & Shin-Fei Chen created CHINESE BURN, the first Chinese female-led comedy TV show in the UK for the BBC and produced by Roughcut. It reached #7 on BBC iPlayer a day after going online and was nominated for Edinburgh TV Festival’s Debbies Debut Writer, garnering press in the UK and China (The Guardian: “British TV is not exactly overrun with shows boasting three-dimensional East Asian female, let alone three, which makes Chinese Burn feel not just funny, but important.” Broadcast Magazine: “Some of the future entertainment hits will surely come from the wave of new talent BBC3 has nurtured, such as Chinese Burn’s Yennis Cheung and Shin-Fei Chen.”) Their dark comedy pilot, SELMA & CLARICE, has to date won 6 awards, including Best Female Scriptwriter and Best TV Pilot at the Toronto International Women Film Festival, and Best TV Pilot at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival. Current projects in development include dramas with All3Media and Shaftesbury, a comedy drama with Roughcut, a horror feature with Farah Abushwesha and a children’s TV series with Saffron Cherry / CBBC.

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