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Ravenna Tran is a Chinese-Vietnamese American director, cinematographer, and filmmaker, based in London. Her work is about finding genuine human connections and the beauty in everyday moments. She specializes in imagery that provokes deep, poetic emotional responses to serve any story, with the intention of turning every frame into a painting through careful composition and lighting design. Ravenna also directs and produces her own independent films that are about the lives and stories of people who are often marginalized. There are many themes that surface in her filmwork - love, memories and past lives, human growth and acceptance, and being lost then found. Ravenna has also worked in games as an illustrator and concept artist, on titles such as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Guild Wars 2. Past clients also include Dark Horse Comics, Valve, Riot Games, Microsoft, Subterranean Press, and more. She has also exhibited at A Tribute to the 20th Anniversary of Mulan with Gallery Nucleus in collaboration with Disney Fine Art, Cyclops Print Works, and Oh My Disney, and is published in Spectrum 23 and 24: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.


Short Film:

Forever and Nothing - upcoming, 2023-24 Call Your Mom - upcoming, 2022
Don't Drown - upcoming, 2022
Never Alone - upcoming, 2022

Death's Diner - upcoming, 2022 And Then - 2021
Remember Me - 2020
Linger - 2020

Music Video:

Flap of Butterfly’s Wings, Akira Kosemura - 2020
Wavering Heart, Akira Kosemura - 2020 Alas, Orpheus Akira Kosemura -2020


Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia - Cinematic Tokyo Competition, Winner SHort Shorts Film Festival & Asia - Governor of Tokyo Award
Outfest - Short Narrative Audience Choice Award
BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival - Official Selection

Asian American International Film Festival Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival

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