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Max & Dania are experienced Directors working across feature films, commercials and music videos. They are attached to shoot a Sky movie at the beginning of 2022, and have several projects in development across Film & Television. Committed to the idea of bringing aspirational, feel-good films to British audiences, they have embarked on three feature films; STREETDANCE 3D and its sequel, and the musical WALKING ON SUNSHINE with Vertigo films. The first STREETDANCE film, which told the story of a creative collision between a group of hip-hop dancers and a ballet troupe, featuring Charlotte Rampling, was the highest-grossing independent British film of its year, eventually bringing in £11.8m. To date, it is still the only non-US Independent film to open at no 1 position at the British box office. SellIng to over 30 countrIes wIth a gross InternatIonal box office of £40 million. The success of STREETDANCE and its sequel, STREETDANCE 2, meant that Max & Dania were asked by BBC Films to make a short film WHAT IF for the Cultural Olympiad, alongside Mike Leigh, Lynne Ramsey and Asif Kapadia. WALKING ON SUNSHINE is a summer musical set in Puglia, Italy, with a spectacular 80's soundtrack and starring Hannah Arterton, Katy Brand, singer Leona Lewis, Greg Wise and Annabel Scholey.

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