Heloise Spring

Writer, Performer

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Louisa Minghella

Heloise Spring is a writer and performer based in London. As a performer, she has appeared in theatre productions across the UK and as a guest role in BBC's Doctors. Her first play, Vix & Helen, was supported by Theatre Deli and Fable Workshop and debuted at the Vault Festival 2023. Her work focuses on complex relationships and mental health. Outside of writing, Heloise teaches yoga - she prefers to be upside down. Praise for Vix & Helen: "A thought provoking 60mins that highlighted the complexities of friendships and emotions and the personal impact this can have on relationships." - North West End "A tale of far-from-ordinary teenage friendship,Vix & Helen is a corker of a two-hander at VAULT Festival this week...there’s a deeply sensitive exploration of the turbulent mental health of both these young women...I felt this one in my marrow." - Ought To Be Clowns "pleasingly original" - Reviews Hub



Vix and Helen - dir. Maya Shimmin
Valhalla - as performer/devisor, dir. Rich Rusk


Doctors - as performer, BBC Awards:

Vault 5 - shortlist 2023

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