Ruth Platt


Represented by

Andrew Mills

Ruth’s first TV directing was for CALL THE MIDWIFE which screened on BBC in February 2023 (S12, E7). She is currently developing original projects for film and TV with Silver Salt Films, Early Day Films and Lighthouse. Her short film adapted from a Hilary Mantel story, THE HEART FAILS WITHOUT WARNING starring Maxine Peake screened at Aesthetica, Raindance, Palm Springs, Underwire and London Short Film Festival. Soon after her first genre feature THE LESSON was selected for FrightFest and Slamdance and picked up distribution. Her second feature THE BLACK FOREST, a black comedy about two families on holiday together, was nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at Edinburgh Film Festival, 2019. Ruth’s next feature, MARTYRS LANE, a ghost story about family trauma, was developed with the BFI, and released on Shudder in 2021, nominated for the Cheval Noir at Fantasia Festival. Wendy Ide in Screen Daily wrote that 'This skin-prickling supernatural story crafts an effectively airless atmosphere of uncanny melancholy. It’s the kind of horror which eschews jump scares in favour of a more subtle, gauzy sense of unease, a slow-burning discomfort that creeps up on the audience like a half-seen shadow'. After a comprehensive education Ruth studied English at University College Oxford and has two children.

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